Multilab FAQ's

Logging in to your account on the file server from an iMac:

  1. You should see a login screen on your iMac. If you don't, a previous user is still logged in. Select "Log Out..." from the Apple pull-down menu in the upper left corner of the screen.
  2. Type your 9 digit student ID # for the account name in the login screen.Type in the default password ("mmlab"), or the password you changed it to.
  3. You are now in your home directory on the file server. Saving files to the Desktop is not saving them locally.
  4. Be sure to log out when you leave, as users are not logged off automatically. Choose "Log Out..." from the Apple pull-down menu.
  5. Click here for a tutorial for accessing the Groups folder on the file server, accessing team accounts on the sandbox server, and publishing from iWeb to either server.

Changing your password:

Choose "System Preferences" from the Apple pull-down menu. Select "Accounts". Click on "Change Password". Type in the old password and press Return. Type your new password in twice and click on "OK".

Burning a data CD or DVD on an iMac:

  1. Insert the blank CD-R or DVD-R into the slot on the right side of your iMac. Dismiss the resulting dialog by pressing "OK".
  2. Drag the files and folders you wish to burn on the blank disk to its icon (appears on the right side of the screen).
  3. Drag the blank disk icon to the trash/eject/burn icon. Dismiss the subsequent dialog by pressing "OK". You'll see a burn progress bar appear. After verification, eject the disk by dragging it to the trash/eject icon, or by pressing the eject button on the keyboard. The resulting CD or data DVD will be readable on both Mac and Windows machines.

Force-quitting an application on an iMac:

Choose "Force Quit" from the Apple pull-down menu. If your cursor is stuck, press the Option, Command, and Escape keys simultaneously.

Hard Reboot:

If a hard reboot is necessary, hold the power button in (at the back of the iMac on the left) for about 5 seconds to shut down. Press it again for about 5 seconds to reboot.

Doing a screen capture on an iMac:

Press Shift, Command (the Apple key), and "4". Your cursor will become a crosshair and you can drag a gray marquee around the area you wish to capture on screen. When you release the mouse a file will appear on your desktop named "Picture" with a number after it. Or you can press Shift, Command, "4", and the spacebar. As you drag the crosshair cursor over the open windows on your screen they will highlight in blue. Click on the highlighted window you wish to capture and the file will appear on your desktop, named "Picture" followed by a number.

Mac OS X tutorials can be found here:

Multimedia Lab rules, policies, and procedures:

  1. Please - no food or drinks in the lab (except for TA's supervising lab hours). Please throw all other refuse in the green container outside, in the corner of the hall below the monitor.
  2. Articles left behind by students will be locked up in the equipment cabinet until they are claimed. (A written description of the lost item may be required). If the items are unclaimed by the end of the semester they may be disposed of. The lab assumes no responsibilty for the personal belongings of students, or their equipment such as laptops, disk drives, etc.
  3. Cell phones must be turned off during lectures and labs.
  4. Students should work quietly. (Headphones are available in the equipment cabinet).
  5. Users accounts do not have permission to install software.
  6. No resources from the equipment cabinet may leave the lab. Students should provide their own equipment for field work (such as a digital camera or camcorder) if their project requires it.
  7. There are no publicly accessible printers in the lab.
  8. Students are responsible for backing up their work and must provide their own media (floppy, flash drive, CD-R or DVD-R).
  9. Accounts are set up only for students currently enrolled in classes that meet in the lab.
  10. Faculty or grad students who wish to use the lab and need assistance should reserve a time in advance by email.
  11. Laptops are not allowed in the lab during lecture.

To review a software manual, or to use the digital camera or camcorder:

Students must request the resource from the supervising TA or the instructor during scheduled lab hours.